Lake Erie: Giving “Fishing Hole” a Whole New Meaning

Ice FishingJanuary’s low temperatures have driven a lot of people inside where it’s warm. Here in Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands “inside” sometimes means a shanty on top of a thick layer of ice. That little hut contains a heater, a couple of stools, a hole in the ice, and the chance to catch a lot of walleye and perch! It’s been three years since ice fishing has been possible in our area and the charter captains, lodges, and restaurants that cater to this audience are rolling out the icy carpet! Whether you’re a pro or wanting to try it out for the first time, Lake Erie Shores & Islands has what you need for a memorable day on the ice. Here is a list of ice fishing resources:

Captain Brad Leyda

Port Clinton
Char-Tom Charters
Chuck Crum

Fishin’ Ful & Myrmidon Charters
419.734.9711 or 877.434.9711

Buckeye Fishing Charters
Jeff & Melissa Jump
419.341.8011 or 419.341.8010
Facebook: buckeyefishingcharters

Captain Bud Gehring

Hardwater Charters

Put-in-Bay Lodging
Ahoy B&B – 419.285.2469
Bay Lodging Resort – 888.742.7829
Black Squirrel B&B – 419.285.7181
First Island Son B&B – 419.285.4448
Linda’s B&B – 419.285.3045

Bait Stores
Fisherman’s Wharf
83 Madison St., Port Clinton

Herb’s Sportsman’s Supply
1713 N. E. Catawba Rd., Port Clinton

Hi-Way Bait & Tackle
7006 E. Harbor Rd., Marblehead

Rickards Bait & Tackle
17 N.E. Catawba Rd., Port Clinton

Transportation to Put-in-Bay
Airplane from Erie Ottawa Regional Airport, Port Clinton:
Griffing Flying Service – 419.734.5400
Island Air – 419.573.2960

Air Boat from Catawba:
Hardwater Charters – 419.285.3106