Where can I go Horseback Riding in the area?

Explore a different side of Lake Erie Shores & Islands; go horseback riding! The options aren’t plentiful but the experience will be memorable.

Dreams Come True Stables
2110 Scheid Rd., Huron
This stable is by appointment only. Therapeutic riding and/or petting is available for persons with special needs. Please call in advance for pricing and availability.

Edison Woods MetroPark
10186 Ceylon Rd. (SR 61), Berlin Heights
Horseback riding (bring your own horse) on shared trails. Edison Woods Preserve is comprised of marshy meadows and wet woods. Portable restroom, six miles of grass and wood chip hiking paths. Open daily, year-round, 8 am-sundown.

Maple Crest Farms
7009 Maple Ave., Castalia
Call for details and to make arrangements; 24-hr advance notice preferred. $40/person; $35/2nd person for instruction and riding at the farm; no experience required. Experienced instructor on hand at all times. Starting at $60/person for distance rides away from the farm; experience required. Group rates available.


One thought on “Where can I go Horseback Riding in the area?

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