10 Questions to Ask When Planning a Trip to Cedar Point

1.) What are the admission prices for the 2010 season?

One Day Admission – Valid for admission to Cedar Point only. Does not include Soak City. Children 2 & under are free.

$45.99 ~ Regular~ For guests 48″ & taller.
$19.99 ~Junior/Senior~ For guests under 48″ tall/ages 62 & older.

Two Day Admission (Includes Soak City) – Visits do not have to be consecutive. You must visit both parks on the same days. Children 2 & under are free.

$75.99 ~Regular~ For guests 48″ & taller.
$37.99 ~Junior/Senior~ For guests under 48″ tall/ages 62 & older.

2.) Where can I buy discounted Cedar Point tickets?
Discount tickets are available at participating Giant Eagle, Meijer and Drug Mart stores, as well as participating AAA locations for members. Exclusive online only discounts are also available on Cedar Point’s website.

Cedar Point also offers a Family Getaway Guide with resource information and discounts on tickets, food and more. The Family Getaway Guide is not available at the park, therefore it must be ordered in advance. If you are planning a visit more than three weeks away, you may request a copy online. If you are visiting sooner, please call 419.627.2350. It may take up to one week, depending on your location.

Discounts are also available for groups of 15 or more. Please visit the website or call 800.448.2428.

A bonus coupon for $5 off a two-day Ride & Slide ticket can be found in the Lake Erie Shores & Islands Travel Planner. Request a copy on our website today!

3.) Does Cedar Point offer a non-rider discount?
No, Cedar Point does not offer a non-rider discount because it is a multi-faceted park, not just a ride park. Non-active rides include: CP & LE Railroad, Space Spiral, Giant Wheel, Paddle Wheel Excursions and Sky Ride. Cedar Point also features a wide variety of gift shops, restaurants, live entertainment, a mile-long beach and boardwalk and much more.

4.) Does Cedar Point offer rain checks?
Unfortunately, Cedar Point does not offer rain checks or refunds.

5.) Are there other hotels to stay at beside Cedar Point properties?
Yes, there are many other lodging options including hotels, bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals and campgrounds. You can view a complete list of options at shoresandislands.com by clicking on the Where to Stay tab and choosing the type of lodging that best suits your needs.

6.) What else is there to do in the area?
Lake Erie Shores & Islands has plenty for you and your family to do. If you are a history buff, visit the birthplace of an inventor, tour a President’s mansion, discover a 19th century village or learn about Lake Erie shipwrecks, carousels or local history. The adventurer could explore caves, parasail over the lake, Jet Ski the Sandusky Bay or challenge a go-kart track. Animal lovers can pet and hand-feed domestic and exotic animals at one of our safaris or petting zoos. The culturally-sophisticated visitor can enjoy a show at a theatre or a taste at a local winery. Don’t forget about all the water fun with indoor and outdoor waterparks and swimming beaches. To see all your options, visit our website and click on the What to Do tab.

7.) Are pets permitted at Cedar Point?
With the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities, pets are not allowed inside the park. They do offer a place for pets during operating hours, however overnight accommodations are not available. Pets are not allowed at Cedar Point’s hotels, cottages or cabins, on the beach, at the swimming pools or in the picnic areas. Pets are permitted at Camper Village but must be kept on a leash at the guest’s site and must not be left unattended. There are other lodging options available that allow pets. You can view a complete list of options at shoresandislands.com by clicking on the Where to Stay tab and choosing pets permitted.

8.) May I bring my own food and beverages into Cedar Point?
With the exception of special diet items, outside food and beverages are not allowed in the park. Un-opened bottled water may be brought into the park. Picnic baskets and coolers are welcome at the public picnic pavilions located outside the park near the main entrance. The picnic shelters are available on a first-come first-served basis. Cedar Point is not responsible for items left unattended in the shelters.

9.) Am I able to re-enter the park if I have to leave for some reason?
If you leave the park and plan to return on the same day, you must have your hand stamped before leaving. This includes Season Passholders (your Pass ID card is only valid for use once each day).

10.) When is the best day to visit Cedar Point to avoid large crowds?
No one can predict what the attendance at Cedar Point will be on a given day. However, there are a few tips to consider when planning a visit:

 According to past attendance figures, Cedar Point recommends visiting on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

 Generally, the months with the lowest attendance are May, June and September.

 Check the weather. If it rains one day, the next clear day will usually see a rise in attendance.

 Check Cedar Point’s operating schedule. Fewer hours of operation usually means lower crowd levels.

Still have questions? Contact a friendly travel counselor at the Lake Erie Shores & Islands® Welcome Center or visit Cedar Point’s website.


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